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New York Hotels - Where Style Meets Elegance

Looking forward to a stay in New York hotels? With the best in luxury hotels available across New York, you can enjoy a hotel stay in utmost comfort.

Exploring Options

As a prominent city of America, New York is a leading name among tourist hot spots. Each year, many people head toward New York from all over the world. There are many New York hotels offering comfortable accommodation in several prime locations across the city. Hotels in New York are usually categorized on the basis of location into the following:

* Staten Island Hotels, Queens Hotels, Brooklyn Hotels, Times Square Hotels, Long Island Hotels, Bronx Hotels, and Airport Hotels.

Offering the best in services and ambience, New York hotels are at par with the leading hotels anywhere in the world.

Getting To Know The City

With the Internet connecting the entire world into a single web, information on almost any subject is available at the click of a mouse button. For the people interested in New York and all that the city has to offer, there are many websites available today offering a host of information. Prominent websites pertaining to New York provide the details regarding hotel accommodation in the city as well as offer information on major attractions as well. Today, there are many well-maintained websites offering a great deal of information on luxury hotels in New York. Along with the information on New York City hotels, these websites also provide details on various other aspects of the city, including information on the following:

  1. New York restaurants or NYC restaurants which include many prominent names such as The View, Pastis, Four Seasons, Per Se New York, Nobu, Union Square Cafe, Tao, Le Bernadin;
  2. New York shows, also referred to as New York broadway shows, which include shows such as Come Fly Away, Wicked, West Side Story, In The Heights, A Little Night Music;
  3. New York tours such as Liberty Helicopter Tours, Circle Line Tours, Grand Central Tours;
  4. New York attractions that include the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Ellis Island, Times Square;
  5. Famous New York clubs such as Stanton Public, Pacha New York, Cielo, Club Quo;
  6. Prominent New York stores which include Fendi, Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Barneys, Armani New York; and
  7. New York city spas such as Tribeca Spa, La Peau Spa, Spa Ja, Great Jones Spa.

Leading websites offer comprehensive and well-researched information on almost every facet of life in New York.

When Only The Best Will Do

Accommodation in any of the luxury New York hotels can easily be sought online. A great many websites offer information on all types of hotels available throughout the city. Among the prominent hotels in New York are The Mandarin, Four Seasons Hotel, The Ritz, Carlyle Hotel, Waldorf Astoria, The London NYC, and many others.

Surveying the options available on the Internet is a good way to decide upon the most appropriate New York hotels for your individual requirements. With many websites offering information on almost everything related to New York, planning for a trip to New York - either for business or for pleasure - is a pleasurable experience devoid of unnecessary hassles.



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New York tours offer the best way around the city so travelers do not miss any of the magnificent sights. There are a number of ways in which a visitor can make a tour memorable. It depends on personal interests, the time available to spend in the city, the kind of experience one is looking for and, of course, budget.

To go around the city, consider the All Loops Tour that takes tourists around the Downtown Loop, Uptown Loop, Brooklyn Loop, and Night/Holiday Lights Tour. 6 and 12 hour packages are available so one can choose depending on time availability. The city can be toured quite thoroughly during any day or night tour. If travelers are specifically looking for only one borough, consider some smaller services like the Brooklyn Loop which takes passengers around this culturally rich borough. Similarly, the Uptown Loop offers passengers view of some of the most culturally diverse and romantic sights. All these services are hop-on, hop-off which means one can get down wherever one wishes and then get onto any of the subsequent tour buses. This allows visitors to look around sites that interest them at their own pace.

Manhattan Comprehensive is another tour to consider if you are interested in the inside-out of Manhattan. A professional tour guide explains everything in detail. You can travel and see everything in Manhattan. To get a spectacular view of the city at night, you should consider the Gray Line New York Sightseeing Tours’ Night on the Town Tour. This includes a fully guided night tour that will help you marvel at the spectacle while knowing all about its history and mysteries. The Gray Line New York Sightseeing Tours are one of the most famous with tourists and they offer a great deal of flexibility and great deals. They have something for everyone, so riders can see the city at their own pace and through the particular means they desire. Manhattan Comprehensive also includes all the major attractions from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building.

The Surf and Turf tour includes the typical loops around the city but also has an additional cruise with a luxurious catamaran that can be very adventurous. Tourists can catch a great view of the Statue of Liberty and see the Brooklyn Bridge from below. There are very experienced guides on board who can tell riders about the history of all the places seen. If a traveler likes taking to the water and is looking for something more than a boring road trip, this is definitely something to be considered. To enjoy the view from the sky, the Land and Sky package is the best, offering a 15 minute aerial ride above the city in a helicopter.

New York has so much to offer as a city that it is easy to get lost in tit and be at a loss for deciding where to head next. Luckily, New York has many experienced tours that help tourists derive the maximum pleasure from their trip. To fully enjoy New York and get the most value for your money, visitors should certainly consider the magnificent New York tours.